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Learn English Punctuation Easily

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Level up Your Writing in 20 Minutes per Day

After all, you stumble upon bad writings quite often.
Apparently, horrible writers did well without knowing the difference between their nonsense and they’re nonsense.

How about a quick True or False question?

Even without proper punctuation marks, you can still understand what you wrote.
There’s no point in learning punctuation.

And here’s the answer: it’s TRUE.
Learning punctuation (and taking this course) is useless.
With a catch.

If YOU are the only one reading your work.

But how about your readers?
If you’re writing to:

Build your personal brand.
Convey a compelling message.
Sell something.
Then your readers would expect to see the same standard in English language, and that’s where knowing punctuation will become handy.

Here’s what my course offers:

Simple punctuation rules with practice. Do more than just learn the theory. You’ll retain the knowledge better, and longer.

Jargon-free course. Most people cringe at hearing dependent and independent clause, conjunctive adverbs, and relative clauses. No, you won’t hear those words. Instead, you’ll learn simple, straightforward rules such as: put a comma before connecting words, use a semicolon to link a series with tons of commas, and always use the ABCD approach first for hyphens.

Short, bite-sized videos you can easily digest and practice only with a couple of minutes. Learn at your own pace, although I recommend you set aside 20 minutes per day.

If you commit 20 minutes per day, you will finish the course in 6 days. There’s a 30-day refund period if you’re not satisfied, so there’s no risk on your part.

Level up and become a proficient user of punctuation. Earn different badges after you complete certain parts of the course. Take satisfaction in knowing you are progressing and evolving in your punctuation journey. Start the course…and finish it.

After taking this course, you will be able to:

Write with confidence and style.

Use each punctuation mark with power and precision.

Create compelling written content and have people notice you.

Punctuation is just a tool.
But proper use of punctuation will propel you toward your end goal.

What’s the end goal?

Clear writing.

Shareworthy content.

The ability to craft a compelling message.

Sign up for my course and level up your writing right away.

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