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The World’s Best Bowl Food: Where to find it and how to make it

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Hearty and healthy, bowl food is very hip right now. We’ve selected 100 of the most authentic and delicious dishes from around the world and tell you how to make them. From Vietnamese pho and New England chowder to Persian salads and Welsh broth, these are the meals that speak the international language of comfort.

The follow-up to The World’s Best Spicy Food and The World’s Best Superfoods, The World’s Best Bowl Food is packed with one-pot wonders that will set you up for the day, warm the core, and humbly feed friends and family. Alongside each recipe, we detail the history and culture behind the dish, and include ‘tasting notes’ to help you enjoy it in the most authentic way possible.

Recipes include:

Breakfast bowls:

Chia pudding from Central and Southern America
Ful medames from Egypt
Zucchini and fig smoothie bowl from the USA


Borscht from Russia and Ukraine
Jewish chicken and matzo ball soup
Tom yam gung from Thailand

Salads & healthy bowls:

Bibimbap from Korea
Ceviche from Peru
Fattoush from Lebanon and Syria

Rice, pasta & noodles:

Nasi goreng from Indonesia
Sarawak laksa from Malaysia
Risi e bisi from Italy

Stews, braises & hearty bowls:

Bunny chow from South Africa
Poutine from Canada
Bigos from Poland


Acai bowl from Brazil
Eton mess from England
Kheer from India

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